Komatsu D21A-8


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2007 – 1630 hrs
Good running condition and U/C estimated at 75% remaining.
Standard single grouser track, joystick steering, single lever twist blade control (JD style), ROPS canopy, powershift, 4 cly diesel 40 hp engine, PTO.
Easy to trailer at 9500 # but still can do a lot of work and easy to operate. Komatsu builds the smallest dozer that is still a useful commercial dozer perfect for landscaping, remote sites, residential tight quarters work, homestead tractor.
The D21A-8 model is a rare find in the small dozer market. The difference between the D21-8 and numerous older D21-7 & -6 models is that there is a factory ROPS canopy and the blade control is 6way in the wrist (no diverter button).

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