Fuel Treatment Guide

We have experienced problems with the fuel that remains in the tanks for some of the machines imported from Japan. Due to the high humidity climate the fuel has condensate and microbal growth not seen in Alaska. We drain off the fuel when the machine comes in and add treatment but sometimes one treatment is not enough. You will first notice a loss of power and/or the engine will not accelerate above an idle. Sometimes you can get away with running through a few tanks of fuel. Other times it requires draining all the fuel, flushing the tank with fresh fuel, and adding an anti-microbal treatment such as that available from Inlet Energy.

Along with fuel treatment you must change the main screw on the fuel filter and there is a pesky plastic pre-screen in the fuel line where it enters the fuel pump. On the D31 and D21/20 machines this screen is located on the bottom of the injector mounted fuel pump and is INSIDE a banjo bolt. Pinch the fuel line with a long nose vise grip and then remove the bolt. Look inside the bolt itself and there is a slotted head. This is the fuel screen. Remove and blow clean. See photos below.

On the Hitachi excavators there is a similar screen behind the bolt on the incoming fuel line to the fuel filter. On ZX models it is by the fuel water separator in the hydraulic pump area. Same procedure as above.

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